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Q & A

ANo you don’t. LUCU GEL doesn’t require for pre-filing of the surface of the natural nails. Any of primers are not necessary, either. Make sure to wipe off all the dusts, water or skin oil on natural nails prior to application of the Base Gel. Determine how to apply the LUCU GELS by checking each customer’s natural nails condition.

AUsing the Q-1st (Base Gel)would be the most recommendable solution. If you want to stick with the Base Gel, you should create the first layer with a half amount of the Base Gel and then apply the second coat of the Base Gel on top of the first layer. Or you can apply the Building Top on top of the Base Gel, before applying color gels.

AMake sure to take off all the dead skin around the cuticles, water, or skin oil completely.

ADid you use the Base Gel from LUCU GEL ? Or LUCU GEL won’t be able to make its best performance when it is used with a gel from other brands. You should use the Base Gel, Top Gel, Color gels or solvents all from LUCU GEL.

AIt might happen when water or oil is still remaining on the surface of the natural nails. Clean it out with a wipe soaked with the LUCU GEL Cleanser. If the Cleanser gets evaporated and the wipe becomes dry, you should get it wet with the Cleanser again. Ensure to wipe off the cuticle area and side wall.
Or it might happen when the amount of the gel applied on the nails were not enough. You should apply the gel consistently on every part of the nails.

AYes it can be taken out by Acetone. The Remover from LUCU GEL contains hohoba oil, royal jelly extract (emollient), and it is formulated gentle to skin and natural nails. It is easy to apply thanks to its container with a nozzle.

AIt is possible that the gel didn’t get cured by LED or UV light sufficiently. You should ensure that the nails are placed in the right position in a LED (or UV) lamp, and the light must be always emitted vertically onto each nail. In case you use a UV lamp, make sure that the UV light bulb is not expired.
Or, if the dispersion film was not wiped off perfectly, the Top Gel tends to become dull Make sure to clean out the nails with the Cleanser not to leave any of sticky residue on the surface.

AIt totally depends on your preference. LUCU GEL has a very good coverage even with one layer.

AYou should ensure that the nails are placed in the right position in LED (or UV) lamp, and the light must be always emitted vertically onto the nails.

AYou should check if you put nails in a LED or UV lamp for sufficient amount of time. If the Color Gel has a lot of pigments in it, it takes longer to get it cured. In that case you may apply such a Color Gel thin, and create multiple layers.

AYes it has to be stirred before use. Please do so in order to keep its original color for a long time. If you don’t stir the Color Gels, the depth of the color can be slightly changing, or sometimes it is becoming difficult to get such Color Gels, especially the ones that contain sparkles or glitters in it, to be cured.